Need some travel inspiration this summer? Let Lash be your guide!

Lash is a world traveler. When she is not traveling, she’s thinking about where to go next. She shares her passion for discovering new places and cultures in her travel blog, The Gallivant Post. We asked her a few questions about her favorites places and inspirations.

NT: How do you find the time and money to travel?

Lash: I’ll try to schedule at least one long haul trip every year, and cover several places so that I can maximize my time. I usually stay at cheap places so that I can save some money. Many people indulge in hotels, but for me, i would opt for hostels with an ensuite, that works just fine. After all, we’re only there to sleep at night, the day are spent out exploring.

NT: Where does your passion for exploring the world come from?

Lash: I love to explore new places, possibly because I watch a lot of travel shows. When I was younger, Discovery Channel was my favorite channel. I’d learn about new places from the show. These days, my travel inspirations come from online. Pinterest is now my new hunting ground for places to explore.

NT: Your favorite places?

Lash: One of my favorite places was actually the  Auschwitz concentration camp. I remember watching Schindler’s List and had read Anne Frank’s Diary. I knew I had to make it on my travel list. It was my favorite because till now, 7 years since I visited, it’s still a reminder for me to remain humble, helpful, and thankful. I feel I returned from the trip to Auschwitz an improved version of myself. The sights there are too haunting.

Another memorable place I’ve visited is the Great Wall of China. The sheer amount of work put in to create this huge border is too amazing. It reminds me of how people can make the impossible happen.

the Gallivant Post 2

One last favorite was Marie Antoinette’s hamlet in Versailles. I’ve read all about her, but it was through Sofia Coppola’s movie that I really learnt more about her. And i remember seeing her little piece of heaven (the hamlet) in the middle of the sprawling Versailles Castle and was intrigued. And it didn’t disappoint. It was the most quaint little village I’ve seen.

NT: What’s next on your bucket list?

I hope to make it to the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family hid in Amsterdam. Growing up, I remember reading her diary and that left a deep impression on me.

I’d also love to visit the Alsace region, which I’ve read about and would love to visit. The vineyards, the cathedrals, the medieval village!


Need more inspiration? Visit The Gallivant Post, and follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Photos: Courtesy of The Gallivant Post

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