You graduated, now what? 6 things you can do to find a job after college.

Congratulations, you’ve earned your college degree! Unless you are lucky enough to have a job lined-up, now is time to search for your first job, and this can get pretty overwhelming.

1) Be careful about what you post on your social media accounts or make them private so potential recruiters cannot find your Spring Break photos. You want to make a good impression. Also create a professional email address. will not look good on your resume.

2) Your professional experience might be minimal so show off your accomplishments on your resume and LinkedIn. Whether you wrote some articles during college, worked on an entrepreneurship project, wrote a business plan, won a competition, did some interesting science experiments, participated in skills- and knowledge-building projects during an internship, etc. Anything can help distinguishing yourself from just a ‘college grad’.

3) Highlight any certificates you might have besides your degree. For example, if you have a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, you might also want to show that you are certified for your skills in Photoshop, Coding, software development, leadership… And if you do not have any, check the requirements of the jobs you are interested in to see if it is needed. It is an investment but it can make you the preferred candidate. It’s also a good thing to show that you have the ability to keep learning.

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4) Develop your professional network and use it! Attend as many professional meetings as you can, collect business cards and keep in touch. These contacts will come in very handy. Talking to your friends and family might also help you get connected with professionals who can recruit or refer you. Your network usually makes it happen.

5) Keep informed about the industry you are interested in. You want to have good talking points when meeting someone who can be a potential recruiter, or during an actual interview. Knowing what is going on, spotting opportunities, and already having ideas about what you could do for the company will definitely impress.

6) Most schools offer career services, so make sure to check it out!

A job search is never easy so stay motivated, and avoid being too picky. It’s important to look for something that can lead to growth and opportunities, but sometimes the least attractive positions can be the ones opening more doors to the future.

Photo via Visual Hunt


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