Discover Erica, Fashion blogger, and Collage expert!

Erica is refreshingly authentic and unique. After obtaining her degree in Sociology with a major in Communication and Mass Media, she first worked as a freelance journalist for print magazines. Then, the Milan-based fashion blogger started Blue is in Fashion This Year in 2009.

The name of the blog is far from being trivial. “Le bleu est à la mode cette année” is a quote from an essay written by French sociologist and linguist Roland Barthes who studied the language of Fashion is the sixties and analyzed how magazines were dictating what was in fashion each season, a color for example.

The cliché-averse blogger has a great sense of fashion and an incredible intuition when it comes to new trends. Blue is in Fashion This Year does not focus on Erica’s personal style, but instead on styles she spots in other fashion blogs or in the street. As Erica writes: “On my blog, the street style is the protagonist. Your style. My style. Our style.”

Photos via TeethAreJade, MeganAdelaide, DylanaSuarez, and BrittanyBathgate / Collage Via Blue is in Fashion This Year

The blog is a collection of collage boards created by Erica from other bloggers and street style photos. Each collage usually focuses on one trend or one item and different ways to wear it. Erica also talks beauty, lifestyle and has a “blue notes” page with more articles on personal thoughts. I love her recent article titled “Give us Fashion Back” on how fashion should not be a money generating machine dictating what you should do and wear. It is also a great reference to her blog’s name.

Erica is definitely inspiring and empowering as she promotes styles that you should truly enjoy wearing, as a mean of self-expression. She has no interest in being another fashion magazine encouraging you to wear whatever item it has chosen for you. Her goal is to share inspiring looks so you can find one that fits your personality and opinions.

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Photos: Courtesy of Blue is in Fashion This Year

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