Sophia – Minimalist with a little touch of bohemian

A simple lifestyle and an accepting mindset are the essence of Sophia’s philosophy. She, to me, has a fascinating personality. Sophia was born in Amsterdam and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Bio-medical Science. She was working in a hospital until she decided that she wanted to spice things up and become an entrepreneur. This was five years ago, and now Sophia works as a graphic and web designer, a blogger, a photographer, and the owner of several websites.

Besides the fact that she is a very smart and successful entrepreneur, Sophia has adopted a minimalist lifestyle. When I asked what minimalism meant to her, she replied that it taught her how to get rid of unnecessary things and focus on the essential. She realized that it was OK to own just a few things. Sophia very much enjoys traveling and before she started, she decided to throw away more than half of her possessions. She finds it challenging to share a minimalist point of view but she would like to inspire people and promote a simpler and stress free lifestyle through fashion and philosophy.

Sophia (Tao of Sophia)_2

Taoism also helped Sophia develop a simpler mindset. She always sees people around her complicate things but concluded that it does not help them. As a teenager, she felt that society did not let her think in a simple manner, and she did not dare trusting her own way of thinking until she learned about Taoism. Taoism is a religious and philosophical Chinese tradition emphasizing naturalness, simplicity, spontaneity, compassion and humility. With this philosophy, Sophia felt understood and it helped her breakdown all her complicated thoughts. She admits that she has days when her mind is complicating things as well but she believes in a simple and relaxed mindset. She says “it’s the power we all seek in our daily life.” – And I agree!

Sophia also has a very inspiring sense of style. She defines it as “minimalistic with a touch of rock-bohemian”. She started more with a minimalistic look and starting adding more to it. Her friends get really surprised that she even adds colors to her look nowadays. She does point out that she is not a fan of extreme minimalism. She finds it too strict and obsessive.

Find out more about Sophia’s personal style and philosophy at Tao of Sophia.

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Photos: Courtesy of Tao of Sophia

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