Denise and – Where cheap and chic meet!

[When I introduced the purpose behind NolaTribe to her, Denise immediately loved it! She replied that it was important for women to inspire and lift each other up and she was very excited to be a part of the project. This is definitely reflected in her blog, La FruGAL.

Denise is a California girl now living in Utah and most of her inspirations originate from her Mexican background. A mother of two adorable boys, her passion for motherhood and her joie de vivre are a real breath of fresh air. Denise gets real about motherhood and living on a budget because let’s be honest, most of us wish we could but cannot afford the beautiful and fancy things we are exposed to.  On La FruGAL, Denise shares all her good finds and lots of tips on how to be “chic and cheap”. She is always on point finding cheaper versions of new trendy items. Before opening your wallet, you might want to stop by her site!

Her two best advice for being trendy on a budget:

  1. “Always tell yourself: ‘There’s a better, more affordable, option!’ Nine out of ten times, you can find the same piece for a much better price.”
  2. “Which brings me to Patience: You might have to research several online shops or different stores at the mall. If you don’t find what you are looking for, wait a couple week and that piece of clothing will pop in your life if you really want it!”

But frankly, it is worth taking a look at La Frugal just for the photos of her boys – Your heart will melt!

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